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Assemblyman Hutchison Bill Passes Committee Unanimously to Simplify Tax Law for Fairness

Assemblyman Hutchison's bill A4473 is making tax law clearer and fairer for everyone. Under current rules, the Division of Taxation can assess additional taxes at any time if a fraudulent return is filed, but if the fraud results in a refund, they only have five years to act. This bill removes that five-year limit, letting the Division address all fraudulent returns equally.

By treating all fraudulent returns the same, regardless of whether they result in additional taxes or refunds, this bill ensures that intentional tax evasion is dealt with effectively. It also specifies that honest mistakes won’t be punished, providing peace of mind for taxpayers who inadvertently make errors. This change applies retroactively to the past five years, ensuring past fraudulent refunds can be corrected.

This bill passed the Assembly State and Local Government Committee and awaits a full Assembly vote. Follow our Facebook @Assemblyman Dan Hutchison and Instagram @LD4NJ to stay updated!


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