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Serving South Jersey

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As members of the NJ State Legislature, we are honored to serve and represent the families

of the 4th Legislative District.

We promise to work tirelessly to ensure that you have a voice in Trenton and to advocate for legislation that will positively impact the quality of life for the families of South Jersey. We recognize the many challenges and issues that all New Jerseyans face, from unemployment to health care.

Our mission is to assist you in resolving and overcoming these obstacles.

Our district office staff can assist you with all matters and concerns important to you and your family.
Our website offers insight into some of our work within the district and in Trenton. We have provided links that may be useful in obtaining important information from other State, county, and local resources.

We urge you not to hesitate to contact our office using our website’s “Contact Us” section, or you may contact our office directly with any concerns, issues, or questions on legislation that are important to you and your family. Your voice is important, and we want to hear from you!

Thank you,

 The 4th Legislative Team of
Moriarty, Hutchison, and Miller

Honored to Serve

Senator Paul Moriarty

Paul Moriarty


“I take great pride in working every day to fight for South Jersey. Our state is facing an affordability crisis; our residents, seniors, veterans, and small business owners need smart public policies that understand the challenges they encounter. As political divisions run hot in our country and community, I will continue to be a consensus builder who will fight to make a difference and thwart divisive politics to get things done for you.”

Serving South Jersey Senator Moriarty Assemblymen Hutchison and Miller LD4

Dan Hutchison


“As the father of four, I understand the challenges our families deal with at the kitchen table. As an attorney working with families to find their way back from financial hardship drives me to make a difference for our South Jersey residents. These experiences have given me a unique vantage point about the importance of making New Jersey more affordable. As families struggle with rising costs, higher taxes, and income not keeping pace, we need sound fiscal policies that support our small business owners, bolster our economy, and create opportunities for success in South Jersey.”

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Serving South Jersey Senator Moriarty Assemblymen Hutchison and Miller LD4

Cody Miller


“It is essential that we lower the government’s cost while ensuring that residents get the highest quality of services they deserve and embrace policies to make our state more affordable. When you cut through the partisan divisions and focus on the needs of residents, you can make real progress. I’ve seen it firsthand as we held the line on taxation at the Monroe Board of Education while expanding pre-k and made smart strategic investments to lower energy costs on consumers at the town hall in Monroe. Together, we can do more with less and make South Jersey an even better place to call home.”

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