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Assemblyman Hutchison's Bill to Cap Lot Fees Passes Assembly Housing Committee

Assemblyman Dan Hutchison's bill to cap lot fee increases at 2% per year has successfully passed the Assembly Housing Committee. This landmark legislation aims to provide much-needed financial relief for homeowners, particularly seniors on fixed incomes, who have been struggling with escalating lot fees.

For many seniors, modular and manufactured homes represent an affordable and accessible housing option. However, in recent years, lot fees—the charges homeowners pay for the land on which their homes sit—have been rising sharply, often outpacing increases in social security and other fixed incomes. These escalating costs have threatened the financial stability of many residents, making it difficult for them to remain in their homes.

"Our seniors deserve the peace of mind that comes with stable housing costs. This bill is about protecting the most vulnerable members of our community and ensuring that affordable housing remains truly affordable," said Assemblyman Hutchison.

Thank you, Monroe Township Mayor Greg Wolfe, Winslow Township Councilman John Wilson, and residents for testifying in support, this bill passed the Assembly Housing Committee unanimously!


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