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Assemblyman Miller Attends Rally at State House Against Ban of Gas-Powered Vehicle Sales

Assemblyman Cody Miller recently attended a rally to advocate for consumer choice in vehicle options and to voice opposition to banning gas-powered vehicle sales. Assemblyman Miller emphasized the critical role that diverse vehicle options play in the lives of New Jersey families. With over 90% of households relying on at least one vehicle for access to work, education, and healthcare, he highlighted how restrictive policies could disrupt daily life and impose financial burdens on middle and working-class families.

Promoting a balanced approach, Assemblyman Miller advocated for incentivizing the adoption of electric and hybrid vehicles rather than imposing mandates. This method encourages innovation and technological advancement while allowing consumers to make cost-effective decisions. By supporting consumer choice and considering both economic realities and environmental goals, Assemblyman Miller believes that New Jersey can achieve sustainable progress in the automotive sector without sacrificing the needs and livelihoods of its residents.

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