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Senate Passes Moriarty Bill to Regulate Hemp Products

Photo 1: Majority Leader Ruiz, Michael Gillespie, Senator Moriarty; Photo 2: Senator Moriarty, Michael Gillespie

In a significant legislative move, the Senate has passed S3235 (31-4), a bill designed to regulate hemp products that have become easily accessible and are being marketed toward children. This bill represents a critical step toward enhancing the safety and well-being of our youth by introducing stricter oversight of these products.

Senator Moriarty, accompanied by Washington Township resident Michael Gillespie, voted on the bill. Last year, Gillespie's son was misled by deceptive packaging that made the product appear as candy, after consumption, his son was hospitalized.

S3235 aims to achieve increased regulation, establish safety standards, and provide public awareness of the potential risks with unregulated hemp products.

Having successfully passed through the Senate, S3235 now sits on the governor's desk, awaiting final approval. As we await the governor's decision, it is essential for the community to stay informed!

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