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UPDATE: Senator Moriarty's 4-Bills Pass Committee Unanimously to Ensure Fairness, Safety, and Transparency!

Senator Moriarty's 4-bills have unanimously passed the Senate Budget and Appropriations Committee with bipartisan support for initiatives that aim to enhance workplace transparency, public safety, and regulatory oversight. Here's a closer look at each bill and how it will positively impact New Jersey residents:

S2310: Requires transparency concerning compensation with promotional opportunities and in employment listings.

By requiring transparency in compensation, this bill ensures that job seekers and employees have a clear understanding of potential earnings, promoting fair wages and reducing pay disparities. It empowers workers to make informed career decisions and fosters an equitable workplace environment.

S2544: Establishes criminal penalties for production or dissemination of deceptive audio or visual media, commonly known as "deepfakes."

Penalizing the production and dissemination of deepfakes, this bill protects individuals from malicious manipulation of their likeness and voice, which can be used for fraud, harassment, or misinformation. It upholds the integrity of personal identity and public trust in media.

S2951: Authorizes provision of monetary awards to whistleblowers who report State tax law violations committed by employers in construction industry.

Incentivizing whistleblowers to come forward with information on tax fraud, this bill helps uncover illegal activities that undermine fair business practices and deprive the state of revenue. It supports honest businesses and workers while ensuring compliance with tax laws.

S3235: Regulates production and sale of certain intoxicating hemp products.

This bill establishes clear regulations for hemp products that can cause intoxication, this bill protects consumers, especially children from unregulated and potentially harmful substances. It ensures that hemp products sold in New Jersey meet safety standards and provides a framework for responsible production and distribution.

These bills not only advance transparency and fairness but also safeguard public safety and support ethical business practices. With unanimous bipartisan support, these measures are poised to bring significant positive change to New Jersey. These bills await a full vote in the Senate. Follow our Instagram @LD4NJ and Facebook @Serving South Jersey to stay updated.


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