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VIDEO: Assemblyman Moriarty Discusses the Second Annual Back-to-School Sales Tax Holiday

Parents can Save Big Again this Back-to-School Season

The tax holiday, which runs from Aug. 26 to Sept. 4 this year, will waive sales tax on many essential back-to-school items, including pens, notebooks, art supplies, bookbags, lunchboxes, textbooks, computers, calculators, and sports equipment.

It is anticipated that K-12 back-to-school shopping will cost parents roughly $900, with each college student costing an estimated $1366.

“Teachers spend around $600 of their own money on classroom supplies for their students. These are significant, yet necessary expenses for an important reason— ensuring students and teachers have what they need for a successful school year,” said Assemblyman Paul Moriarty. “Prices are rising with inflation showing no signs of letting up. Now more than ever, it is critical to help families cut costs where they can. A tax holiday right before school begins each year will be something parents and teachers can count on while back-to-school shopping.”

The sales tax holiday also includes computers with retail prices under $3,000 and certain computer supplies under $1,000, such as printers, printer ink, compact disks, and computer storage media.

The savings are not just for students, anyone shopping in the state can take advantage, and the tax exemptions apply to both online and in-store sales.


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