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Serving South Jersey

4th Legislative District Team Votes on Historic Budget

Senator Moriarty, Assemblyman Dan Hutchison, and Assemblyman Miller, proudly voted on the $56.6B budget. Together, they secured:

📚 Record funding for public education

🏫 $80 million increase for higher education

👶 $120 million for expanding pre-K

🏠 $2 billion in property tax relief through the ANCHOR program

👴 $220 million for StayNJ, providing seniors with 50% off property taxes starting 2026

🍎 Expansion of free school meals

🎖️ $21 million for veterans home upgrades

💵 $2.7 million for local projects

These advancements highlight the 4th Legislative District Team's commitment to improving education, supporting families, and investing in our community's future. Stay tuned for more updates as these initiatives take shape!

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