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Moriarty Bill to Regulate the Sale of Intoxication Hemp Products Advances out of NJ Senate Judiciary Committee

Senator Paul Moriarty’s legislation (S3235) advanced out of the Senate Judiciary Committee today that would regulate the production and sale of intoxicating hemp products and prohibit the manufacture and sale of synthetic THC. 

Due to a loophole in federal and State law, many businesses have been selling intoxicating hemp products, like Delta-8 THC, even though they have the same psychoactive effects as cannabis.  These products are often sold in corner stores or gas stations and marketed toward minors. In some instances, children have mistaken them for candy and ended up in the hospital.  

“Unlike natural THC found in cannabis, lab-made synthetic THC can cause dangerous and unpredictable side effects like rapid heart rate or seizures, which can lead to hospitalization,” said Senator Moriarty (D-Gloucester/Camden/Atlantic). “Banning synthetic THC in New Jersey will protect the health and safety of cannabis users and reduce the amount of synthetic cannabis-related emergencies.” 

Under the bill, S-3235, intoxicating hemp products will be regulated by the Cannabis Regulatory Commission (CRC) and regulated in the same manner as cannabis products. Specifically, sellers of intoxicating hemp products would need to obtain a license from the CRC and comply with the CRC’s rules and regulations concerning licensing, testing, selling, and packaging. 

The sale of intoxicating hemp products with any detectable amount of THC to a person under 21 years of age would also be prohibited under the bill, effective immediately. 

The legislation advanced out of committee with a 6-2 vote. 


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