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Senator Moriarty Bill to Improve Unemployment Insurance Passes Committee

Senator Moriarty's bill (S2949/A4047) aimed at enhancing the unemployment insurance system has successfully passed the Senate Labor Committee, marking a significant step forward in providing more support to workers across various backgrounds. NJ Department of Labor Commissioner Robert Asaro-Angelo testified before the Senate Labor Committee in support of the bill, emphasizing the need to create a more accessible and reliable unemployment insurance system.

The bill broadens eligibility to support:

  • Part-time workers who lose a key source of income and ensure they can access benefits even if they have other earnings. This change is crucial for low-wage workers in sectors like retail and hospitality, providing them with much-needed financial security, 

  • Extend dependency benefits to parents caring for disabled adult children, previously, these families did not receive the same level of support as those with non-disabled dependents. By addressing this disparity, the bill provides more equitable support, acknowledging the unique challenges faced by these families and ensuring they have access to the benefits they need,

  • Eliminate unfair barriers for full-time student workers, enabling them to qualify for benefits without complicated criteria.

These changes aim to create a more equitable and accessible unemployment system for all workers. By addressing the specific needs of part-time workers, parents of disabled adult children, and full-time student workers, the bill ensures that more individuals can access the benefits they deserve. The passing of S2949/A4047 through the Senate Labor Committee is a crucial milestone in the ongoing effort to enhance support for workers and create a fairer, more inclusive unemployment system. 

The bill will be heard in the Assembly Labor Committee this Thursday (6/6). Stay tuned for updates!


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