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VIDEO: Senator Moriarty Advocates for You!

You wanted someone to fight for you in Trenton and that’s what you’re getting! Senator Moriarty created 3 new consumer protection laws, recently signed by the Governor.

A4284/ S3508 - Transparency in Credit Card Surcharges

A4284 requires retailers to inform you upfront if they plan to add a surcharge for credit card payments. This information needs to be clearly displayed at the entrance, on menus, and on websites. Additionally, the surcharge is capped at the actual cost of processing the transaction, usually around 2.5%

A3892/S2952 - Simplified Health Club Membership Cancellations

A3892 requires an online option to cancel automatic renewals of health club services subscriptions if the consumer joins the club online. With an online cancellation option now in place, New Jersey consumers can expect a more streamlined and convenient experience when it comes to managing their health club subscriptions.

A2138/ S1890 - Licensing for Home Repair Contractors

A2138 establishes a professional board to regulate home improvement and home elevation contractors. In addition, this law mandates licensure for each type of contractor, aiming to enhance accountability and quality standards within the industry. It provides a framework to ensure the safety and professionalism of home improvement services.

Senator Moriarty is committed to continuing to work toward protecting and contributing to the safety and convenience of New Jersey consumers. If you have any ideas for future legislation, don’t hesitate to call at 856-232-6700

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