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Senator Moriarty Legislation to Require Salary Transparency Passes Senate Labor Unanimously

The Senate Labor Committee unanimously advanced Senator Moriarty’s legislation that requires employers to disclose compensation, such as hourly wages and salaries, in job postings. Employers would also be required to make all promotional opportunities known to current employees before making a promotion decision.

“Job seekers should know what a company intends to pay you before you apply," said Senator Moriarty (D- Gloucester/Camden/Atlantic). "Why make people jump through hurdles, only to discover that you won't pay them what they think they deserve? This legislation will prove beneficial to both job seekers as well as those looking to hire, and help to speed the process overall.”

Under the bill, employers would be required to make reasonable efforts to announce, post, or otherwise make known all opportunities for promotion to all current employees before making a promotion decision. In job postings, employers would be required to provide a general description of hourly wage or salary, or a range of compensation, in addition to a general description of all benefits that would be offered to a hired applicant.


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